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Our Colorado drug crimes lawyer at Joyner Law represents individuals and corporations charged with drug-related offenses. There are many different types of drugs that people can be involved with, including illegal substances like cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana; prescription pills such as painkillers, stimulants and sleep aids, and illegal substances that are manufactured illegally in a “meth lab”. Along with federal charges against drug trafficking and manufacturing, there are also state charges that apply to all 50 states. These include possession, intent to sell and distribute, or growing marijuana; possession of dangerous drugs or drug paraphernalia; DUIs or DWIs; possession of illegal substances in a school zone (or adjacent to a school bus); possession of controlled substances such as pills prescribed by doctors; selling prescription drugs illegally for profit; selling synthetic hallucinogens, designer drugs or selling substances used in making illegal drugs (such as cold medicine used to create methamphetamines); online sales of illegal drugs and more.