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Right Lawyers

Divorce and Custody Attorneys in Las Vegas

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Not every divorce or child custody issue needs a divorce attorney. If the divorce involves no children, no assets, or you both agree to the terms, you can file an Uncontested Divorce without a divorce lawyer. If you and your spouse cannot see eye to eye, then you will likely need a divorce attorney to help.

Uncontested Divorce
Uncontested divorces do not require a Las Vegas court hearing and therefore are quicker and less expensive. You can handle uncontested Child Custody issues the same way. Visit our Uncontested Divorce page to learn more.

Contested Divorce
If your spouse does not want the divorce, will not agree to the terms, you need assets to be divided, or you cannot agree on child custody, you should talk with a divorce attorney. Download our Divorce Guide or Child Custody Guide and schedule a call with a Divorce Attorney.

Why Right Divorce Lawyers
Divorce is not fun, but it does not need to be hard. Since 2004 we have helped thousands of clients with their divorce or custody issues. With that amount of experience there is not much we have not seen or heard. We know the ins and outs of the divorce and custody processes.

We charge a fixed fee. We provide you an estimate for specific tasks in your case. That is all you pay. A fixed fee does not mean we are the lowest price divorce attorney. But it does mean you know, up front, the cost of your divorce or custody case. Right Lawyers, the Las Vegas divorce attorneys with the experience to help.

Next Steps
The first step in every divorce or custody matter is to decide if the divorce is contested or uncontested. If your think the issue is uncontested, visit Uncontested Divorce to get started. If your divorce is contested, or you don’t know, download our Divorce Guide and schedule a call with a Divorce Attorney.